20% Discount for Military Veterans


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Come in to LSH and bring this printed ad (page) at any time between 1:00pm and 4:00pm and you will receive $5 dollars off your donations of $40 dollars or more. Yes, that includes ALL Flowering Medicine, Edibles and of course Flowers are all included. *

* Cannot be combined with any other offer
** Not including our selection of glassware. Stay tuned for more deals on glass

ASK for LHS Rewards Card: After recieving 8- 1/8ths, you receive a free 1/8th.

Returning Patients: If you recently renewed your Doctor’s Recommendation, we will give you a free joint with a $20 minimum donation.

First Time Patients: If you are New to LHS, you’re entitled to a Free Gram joint.

Referral Program

We really appreciate our patients and their friends here at LHS. We’ve come to see everyone as members of our big happy family, we want to encourage you to invite your friends and grow our family.

One Referral = A Free 1 Gram Joint
Six Referrals = A Free 2 Gram Blunt
Ten Referrals = A Free Glass-on-Glass Bong


By signing this membership agreement you agree that you are responsible for following these guidelines. If you do not follow these guidelines you will be terminated from membership and we will refuse you service.

To view all rules and regulations of Lakeside Herbal Solutions, click here.

I have read and agree to the rules and regulations below:

1. I am of the age 21 or older
2.  I have been diagnosed with a medical condition for which cannabis/marijuana provides relief and I have received a recommendation or approval from my licensed California physician to use cannabis.
3.  I understand my contributions for medicine I may acquire from Lakeside Herbal Solutions are used to ensure continued operation and that this transaction in no way constitutes commercial promotion.
4.  The monies I pay are to help Lakeside Herbal Solutions to continue to operate, to maintain employees and a location and the associated costs and expenses of providing its members with medicinal marijuana for their medical needs.
5.  The Lakeside Herbal Solutions may cultivate, obtain, transport and possess cannabis on my behalf.
6.  I designate Lakeside Herbal Solutions as my provider for medical marijuana.


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